Thursday, March 3, 2011

Starting From Scratch

Hey everyone!  Thank you for visiting my new blog.  This first post is all about starting from scratch.  I recently deleted all of the videos from my old youtube channel.  Now its time to start from scratch.  With the love and support from my old subscribers I know I will be able to rebuild my name on youtube...well a slightly different name.  So don't look for me under the channel "thealexandraclaire" because it is now "AlexandraClaireHair."  I think the new name is actually more fitting than the last one.  Anyways, don't worry because I am currently uploading videos and am dedicated to making the hair tutorials of my new channel AlexandraClaireHair amazing!  So please visit and subscribe to AlexandraClaireHair.  I'd really appreciate it!  Thanks everyone and have a spectacular day!



  1. Hello!
    Im one of your suscriber on youtube! I dont know if you can read french but, come to my blog too!

    Bisous from france!