Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Steven Tyler Feathers

Dude looks like a bird!  Steven Tyler has had a huge impact on America since he's become a judge on American Idol.  The feathers that Tyler wears in his hair have become a huge trend among men and women (but mostly women).  Fly fishing shops have been running out of their supply of feathers due to the high demand.  More and more salons have been offering their feather extension services to the public.  All of this is simply because of Steven Tyler.

Many of you may already know all of the story behind the recent feather craze, but what you may not know is where you can find feather extensions or accessories.  These feather extensions have definitely been going up in price but you have a few different options to explore.  Many salons now are offering services, so you can try to find who has the best deal around.  If you prefer to order them and do it yourself, a few great online sources include http://featherextensionsforhair.com/ and http://www.conditionculture.com/ They have been getting more expensive, but the good news is that these feathers are reusable.  Not only that but if you buy a pack that includes the tools to put the feathers in, you can look at local craft stores or fly fishing stores for more unique feathers that you can try.  Remember that you cannot put heat on fake feathers that you would most likely find at the craft store (this means no straightening or curling the feather).  If you find a fake feather that you fall in love with though, you can just avoid putting heat in that area.

If you don't think feather extensions are your thing, you can try other feather accessories that are very in right now.  Try some flashy feather earrings or a feather necklace.  These feather statement jewelry pieces are popping up in many different stores, so go fishing for some feathers!

Steven Tyler has even been inspiring other famous faces with his feathers...

Gwyneth Paltrow

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Selena Gomez

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