Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Best "Second Day Hair" Products

Want a product that will make your hair look and smell awesome?  Want an easy fix for bad hair days?  TIGI has just come out with a brand new line of products that is perfect for fixing dirty and dull hair.  There's no need to wash your hair everyday with products like this!  For those readers who watch my videos often, you know that I try to find ways to create hairstyles out of "second day hair."  Second Day Hair:  Hair that has not been washed today, but still has the potential to look beautiful

Transforming Dry Shampoo
I love this because it removes oil on days that you don't wash your hair, plus it doesn't leave it looking dull like other dry shampoos!

Salt Spray
This product is unique and leaves your hair with tons of texture and volume.  Plus, you can spray it in wet or dry hair!

Work It Hairspray
This is perfect for when you want to put your second day hair in an up-do or an intricate style.  This hairspray will give maximum hold without getting flakey.

Finishing Hairspray
I really like this hairspray because I love having "touchable" hair.  This hairspray will give your style hold, but you will still be able to run your fingers through your hair.

Styling Cream
Add this product to wet hair to control frizz, or add to dry second day hair to maintain fly-aways.

True Wax
Turn your bad hair day into a bold and polished look while fighting against humidity!

Wet Look Gel
This gel gives a glossy wet look without making hair look greasy.

Hopefully the descriptions of TIGI's new products will help you find a product that you will love.  I just want all of my readers to know that I do not get paid to say that I love these new products.  I just do.

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